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Your Escape Game in Montpellier 

Come and test a life-size escape game in a team of 2 to 5 people in the city centre of Montpellier.

In ultra-realistic settings, created by theatre professionals and engineers, you will have 60 minutes to solve puzzles, discover secret passages, manipulate several ingenious mechanisms and complete your mission.

Come and enjoy the best Escape Game in Montpellier, which combines reflection, cooperation and a good dose of adrenaline! Accessible to all, you can enjoy this captivating experience, with friends, family, colleagues...

Still hesitating? Here is an overview of what awaits you at Skryptic Escape Game Montpellier!


Skryptic Escape Game is the story of an enthusiastic team. To put it simply, it is the passion of the game that drives us. For this reason, our desire is to offer an immersive experience of high quality. Because we think that the heart of the Escape Game is sharing.

So, do not hesitate to come with your friends, your family, your colleagues. There is always a good reason to meet at Skryptic. If you have to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday, bachelor party, do not hesitate! Are you too serious for that? Never mind, our facility is also suitable for team building sessions or any other business meeting. We promise you fun and a great experience to share together.

Our Escape game is in the city center of Montpellier. You can not miss us! We fuel the passion for the escape game. So we are open every day from 9:30 to midnight and 7 / 7d. We’re always there for those who like to solve puzzles! To join us, nothing more simple, you only have to book online via our booking platform.

The advantages of our Escape Game room in Montpellier

The craze for the Escape Game is unmistakable. Indeed, no less than 10 million people have already experienced it. Why this interest? Because you will live an extraordinary experience. It's like going into a movie or a video game! Indeed, everything is thought out to strengthen your immersion and give you sensations that you have never experienced before.

Skryptic Montpellier has three different universes. So, depending on your tastes or inspiration of the moment, you can immerse yourself in one universe or another. You have the soul of a spy? Perfect we have experience worthy of the best James Bond. Do you prefer medieval times? It does not matter, because we also offer this type of scenario. Dare to dream and get ready to take on an incredible role!

Have you made your choice? Well ... Now a place for life-size escape game! You will enter a world shaped by the best immersive technologies. Our strength is to offer a minimum of padlocks. Let's look bigger! Manipulations, special effects, electronic mechanisms and riddles created by our team in the greatest attention to detail. That's the spirit of the Escape Game!

Your team of 2 to 5 people will have 60 minutes to solve the challenges that the game offers. To get away, team spirit is your best ally. It is for this reason that it is indeed a game designed for the whole family. Individual knowledge and skills will help to overcome all obstacles!

Are you impatient to come and discover our Escape Game? Wait to read more ... In our eyes, the satisfaction of every customer is paramount, from the smallest to the biggest! Get ready to feel like a king, as we roll out the red carpet for our guests: group photo print, drinks, treats, etc.

And of course, we do not forget the kids. We welcome them with open arms from 8 years old. For them, we put the small dishes in the big ones. Thus, we adapt the rooms and we have the Game Masters Game animate and follow the children during the game.

Are you convinced? Then go and test one of the best escape game in France!

Practical information :

- Open from 9h to 23h30 every day, even on Sundays!

- All our rooms are available in French, English and Russian

- From 28 € per person

- Our scenarios are not scary, so you do not risk anything. But the pressure will rise!

We welcome you for all types of events:

- For individuals: birthdays, bachelor party

- For professionals: Team Building, corporate evening

- The booking and payment of one or more of our rooms is easily done via the online platform on this website

- The minimum age is 8 years old. For the youngest audiences, do not hesitate to contact us for further information. The rooms will be adapted and a Game Master will be present. If the group is composed mostly of children, contact us by email before any reservation so that we can prepare the best their arrival.


The mysterious Vladimir, KGB agent

Forty years ago, the KGB installed a data collection centre in the Vladimir bunker, a Soviet agent based in Montpellier. You and your team are responsible for accessing this bunker and retrieving this information. But time is running out! The FSB, heir to the KGB, has also been informed of your mission and will be on the scene shortly. Supported by one of our agents, you have 1 hour to download the data and escape. It is imperative that you succeed! The fate of France depends on it.

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The Dragon Slayer

Several centuries ago, a merciless dragon haunted an entire kingdom. Worried for his people, the king gathered his magicians, blacksmiths and knights together to create a formidable sword, capable of repelling them. The dragon was wounded but managed to escape. Once the threat was over, the king chose to condemn the sword to oblivion and instructed his magician to hide it. Today, the dragon has healed his wounds and returns with a thirst for revenge. It is on you that the people's hope rests. You must infiltrate the magician's underground castle, thwart his traps and find the sword.


The Prestige

In search of money, you are recruited by the magician Jack Werner to rob Harry Kellar's workshop, his eternal rival, and steal his secrets that are of great interest to your employer. But not everything is going as planned. As soon as you arrive, the doors close and you are trapped! Fortunately, you have kept a means of communication with your employer. Maybe he can help you... Are you willing to risk your life to become a prestigious thief?

The Escape Game may look like a video game, but it's REAL! Come and discover our escape game in Montpellier.


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