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Are you looking for a team building activity to reinforce the cohesion of your team? Or an Escape Game accessible to everyone in Toulouse? Skryptic opens a new room and offers a new experience accessible to young and old!

To discover the end of the game, you will have to work together to solve the riddles of this life-size escape game with team spirit. But during each game session, the shadow of the countdown hovers! Indeed, you will only have 80 minutes to overcome this path strewn with pitfalls.

Will you be brave enough to push the doors of our Escape Game in Toulouse?


Everyone is intitled to fun! For this reason, Skryptic opens a new Escape Room in Toulouse. This is the opportunity to come and test, for those who have not already done so, the exciting world of Escape Games. You will join a global community of 10 million fans of life-size
escape games.

You can come with your relatives: families, friends, colleagues, everyone is welcome. Indeed, the heart of the Escape Game is fun, sharing and team spirit. And to solve puzzles, all pretexts are good! Thus, any special occasion is a good reason to come to Skryptic Toulouse. Birthdays, bachelor parties are all much more fun when you add a small dose of adrenaline.

For businesses, this place is perfect for team building or any other business meeting. This is because employees facing cooperative challenges need to stick together and work together to achieve a common goal. So it's a good way to boost group dynamics and get to know each other better.

Adventurers and other budding detectives will have no trouble finding our Escape Game located in downtown Toulouse. As we do not do anything halfway, our room is open 7 / 7d, from 10 A.M to midnight! Before coming, do not forget to inform the owner by booking through our online booking platform.

The advantages of our Escape Game in Toulouse

An Escape Game is an original activity because it's a life-size role-playing game. Total immersion allows for an incredible experience. Have you ever dreamed of being part of a movie or video game? Entering an Escape Room is a little bit the same. It's touching the imagination to live adventures that you will remember for a long time!

The adventures at Skryptic Toulouse will begin in December 2019. To begin with, two immersive Escape Games will be opened: "The School of Magic against the Dark Lord" and "Sherlock: the mechanical age". Of course this is just an appetizer, because we are already preparing several rooms that will be unveiled in the coming months.

Are you demanding? That’s even better, because we did things big. Padlock puzzles can end up being boring. That's why we're shaking things up a bit. Professional theater designers have helped us create rich and unique worlds. Thus, to offer a truly qualitative content, advanced technologies have been installed in all rooms. Miles of cables have been fired to set up electronic mechanisms and professional special effects. Add to that unique scenarios that are "homemade creations" and you'll have all the ingredients for a successful outing!

The game begins when the 2 to 6 adventurers on the team are locked in a room. Your goal is to escape from the room after overcoming the challenges posed by a series of puzzles to solve. Small problem: you will only have 80 minutes to escape!

That's when teamwork becomes essential and each team member has a role to play. It will be necessary to search everywhere to find all the clues which will help you to pierce the secret of each riddle. Prepare yourself to feel tension, fun and a strong desire to surpass yourself!

Children from the age of 8 can participate in this immersive escape game and work their minds in a good mood. For this, the rooms can be adapted and the Game Master can accompany the children

They are responsible for animating and following the children during the game.

You are fascinated? Conquered? Don’t wait any longer and join us at the Escape Game Skryptic in Toulouse!

Practical information :

- Open from 10 to midnight every day, even on Sundays!

- All our rooms are available in French, English and Russian

- 27 € per person

- Our scenarios are not scary, so you do not risk anything. But tension levels will rise!

We welcome you for all types of events:

- For individuals: birthdays, bachelor parties

- For professionals: Team Building, corporate evening

- The booking and payment of one or more of our rooms is very easy via the online platform on this website

- The minimum age is 8 years old. For the youngest audiences, do not hesitate to contact us for further information. The rooms will be adapted and Game Masters will be present. If the group is composed mostly of children, contact us by email before any reservation so that we can prepare for their arrival.


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